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18th of October at 6:15 pm Graduation Ceremony


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Registration system – Registration for courses required

The lecture schedule including all the courses offered in the winter term 2023/24 has been released. Please pay attention to the registration system: An online registration for all courses is mandatory for all students. 

Please register [HERE] between September 4th and November 1st, 2023. For more information, please follow the instructions of the automatically generated message. After you have successfully registered you will see all the offered courses in the system that you can register.

Regardless of the official registration deadline, the following applies: For the Acquisition of credit points, participation is required from the first session on!

(You will also find the link in the current course catalogue)

The Mensa will be closed from 11 September to 6 October



 The attack on Ukraine is a shock to all of us and we strongly condemn it. Our thoughts are with all the people who are suffering there and have to worry about their families and loved ones. In special, we would like to express our solidarity to our Ukrainian students and friends and encourage them to contact our rabbi, our lecturers or the rector's office and dean's office if support is needed. Of course, this also applies to all other students who are looking for support.

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Versunkene Schätze: Die hebräische Buchkultur des mittelalterlichen Judentums in Westeuropa


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