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M.A. Jewish Museology

The most important Facts in brief

What is Museology?

Museology as an academic discipline deals with museums and museum history as a place of social education and the associated intellectual, educational and aesthetic tasks.

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"Jewish museums develop a social self-image from a dual perspective: on the one hand, they function as a place where Jewish identity is formed and, on the other, they enable the non-Jewish majority society to gain information and understanding. This special task requires the development of teaching, research and museum practice geared towards this. The museological insights and museographic knowledge gained are in the context of social development and are not statically defined, but require constant review and renewal," says the former Chair of Jewish Art, Prof. Annette Weber.

Aim of the Degree Program

The Master's degree program in Jewish Museology aims to qualify German and foreign students for Jewish museum, exhibition and memorial work by teaching the scientific and practical basics of conception and cultural work.

Admission requirements for the course are a general higher education entrance qualification or a comparable qualification, as well as a completed Bachelor's degree in a relevant course. Please also note the admission regulations.

The new Master's degree program is specifically tailored to Jewish museums and comparable educational institutions that pay particular attention to teaching Jewish history, art and culture. It qualifies students for Jewish museum, exhibition and memorial site work through basic academic knowledge of history, art and culture and pedagogy as well as the competence and methodology of their aesthetic, didactic and pedagogical implementation and mediation. Its interdisciplinary orientation ensures that graduates of the university are able to work in a cultural-historical-analytical manner and perform educational tasks.
The academic degree of Master of Arts obtained on completion of the course qualifies students for further doctoral studies.

Detailed information can be found in the curricula and module handbooks. The Examinations Officeprovides information on examinations and examination regulations. the Student Advisory is also available to answer any further questions you may have.

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