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M.A. Medieval Studies

The most important Facts in brief

Aim of the Degree Program

The Middle Ages are commonly associated with the time and living environments of European cultures from the 5th to 15th centuries. A large number of different disciplines deal with this field, which have increasingly come into contact and cooperation with each other in recent decades due to the growing importance of a cultural studies approach. The "Heidelberg Medieval Master's" aims to capitalize on this transdisciplinary approach. It covers the cultural traditions of the three major religions active in Europe - Christianity, Judaism and Islam - which continue to have a formative effect today. The following are involved:

  • Germanic medieval studies
  • University of Jewish Studies
  • Medieval History
  • Medieval Art History
  • Medieval Romance Studies
  • Medieval Philology

With the broad range of complementary courses in medieval teaching and research on offer in Heidelberg, we offer excellent conditions for such a comprehensive approach. The two-year Master's course with a philological and cultural studies focus is jointly organized by Heidelberg University and the University of Jewish Studies. Institutes of the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Modern Languages at Heidelberg University as well as relevant subjects at the Heidelberg University of Jewish Studies are involved.

The course offers students from Germany and abroad the opportunity to incorporate their previous specialist studies and to develop a comprehensive, interdisciplinary focus in the field of medieval studies, both in terms of perspective and methodology. Divided into two main subject areas ("pillars") and an open elective area, the "Heidelberg Medieval Master's" combines broad expertise with opportunities for specialization. This ensures a comprehensive education in conjunction with personal and professional profiling.

Students on the "Heidelberg Medieval Master's" benefit from individual and intensive supervision; they take part in the regular courses of the participating institutions and institutes in accordance with the requirements of specially agreed study regulations and acquire their credits there. The courses in the two specializations and in the elective area are supplemented by a separate platform for contact and exchange. Through their involvement in the research activities of the participating institutions and institutes (workshops, colloquia and lecture series), students gain skills that prepare them for their future professional and academic careers.

The degree program is administered by Heidelberg University.

Further information can be found here

For personal study advice, please contact Prof. Dr. Hanna Liss

Chair of Bible and Jewish Bible Interpretation

Prof. Dr. Hanna Liss

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