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M.A. Classical and Modern Literary Studies (major subject, minor subject)

The most important Facts in brief

Aim of the Degree Program

In the Heidelberg Master's degree program in Classical and Modern Literary Studies, the major lines of Hebrew-Jewish, Greek-Latin and modern literary and cultural development are to be shown in interdisciplinary lectures, seminars and exercises.

Students should develop their specializations in at least one ancient and one modern philological literature subject. They should be able to productively compare and relate the different working methods of at least one new and one old philology. Three academic institutions, the Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of Modern Philology (both at Heidelberg University) and the Heidelberg University of Jewish Studies are jointly responsible for the new course. In this way, the focal points of philological and literary work, which are currently still scattered across several faculties and two universities, can be bundled, coordinated and brought together in a forum that is attractive for Master's students of philological subjects.

The Heidelberg University of Jewish Studies and the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg offer the interdisciplinary comparative Master's degree program in Classical and Modern Literature.

For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Roland Gruschka.

The program is administered by Heidelberg University.

Further information can be found here .

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