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Student Union

Who we are

  • Cornelia D'Ambrosio - Chair, Networking, Social Media

  • Ida Braun - Chair, representation in the Senate

  • David Lüllemann - Advice, consultation hours

  • Anna Gazarian - Library Commission

  • Fabiola Ermer - Examination Board

  • Martha Fiedelak - Substitute Examination Board

  • Nadezhda ("Nadia") Bezuevskaia - Representative for the M.A. Jewish Civilizations ("Paideia"), Event Team

  • Liza Cemel - Representative for the M.A. Jewish Civilizations ("Paideia"), Event Team

Visit us on Instagram or contact us by mail

What we do

  • Consultation hours for students
  • Representation of students vis-à-vis lecturers and other staff in the building
  • regular student Shabbat with the university rabbi
  • joint celebration of Jewish festivals
    (e.g. lighting the Hanukkah candles)
  • Regulars' table with the Rector of the HfJS

The election of the student representatives takes place every winter semester in the first month of the beginning of the semester as part of a general student assembly.

Your student representatives of the HfJS:

anna, Cornelia, David, Fabiola, Ida, Martha, Nadia, Liza

Events organized by the Student Union

Student UnionOn-siteEnglish
18 July 2024 18:30 - 20:30 UTC+02:00

Every other Thursday, organised by the HfJS Student Union