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Let's go on a journey of discovery together!

Falt*r is an orientation year in Heidelberg that strengthens young people in their personal and professional orientation and social commitment to socio-ecological transformation. The educational programme is a 10-month full-time programme (from October to July) for up to 50 young people aged between 17 and 24. During the entire period, they live together in a newly renovated old building in HD-Rohrbach, right next to the neighbouring Collegium Academicum trainee and student residence. The project group of this self-organised housing project is also the sponsor of the falt*r.
The falt*r encourages people to discover their own skills in community: whether in systemic coaching sessions for personal development, creative expression in theatre or video workshops, craft work in the CA's garden or the wood workshop - many things can be tried out here and reflected on together. Co-operation with Heidelberg universities and companies gives young people the opportunity to attend seminars and lectures or to gain orientation in the form of internships. A professional educational support team is on hand to assist participants throughout the entire orientation period.

Further information is available at monthly online information evenings and, if you are more interested, you can also drop by.

Further information

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