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Blick von Außen HfJS Heidelberg



Eleven by Virtue of Office

  • Rector, Prof. Dr. Werner Arnold (Chairman)
  • Professor Dr. Johannes Becke
  • Professor Dr. Viktor Golinets
  • Professor Dr. Roland Gruschka
  • Professor Dr. Johannes Heil
  • Professor Dr. Rabb. Birgit Klein
  • Professor Dr. Hanna Liss
  • Professor Dr. Ronen Reichman
  • Head of Administration Caroline Kiss (advisory)

Three due to Elections

  • Representative of the scientific service: Melissa Anwar Uthman
  • Representative of the students: Ida Braun
  • Representative of the full-time employees and technical service: Dr. Dorothe Sommer
    (Substitute: Angelika Stabenow)

Two due to Elections as Representatives of Heidelberg University

  • Professor Dr. Andrea Albrecht
  • Professor Dr. Joachim Friedrich Quack

The Senate decides on matters relating to research, teaching, studies and continuing education, unless these are assigned to another body in accordance with the Basic Regulations .

Senate meetings

The Senate meetings in summer semester 2024 will take place on the following days:

  • Wednesday, 08.05.2024, 14:00 s.t.
  • Wednesday, 19.06.2024, 14:00 s.t.
  • Wednesday, 17.07.2024, 14:00 s.t.