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Application, Admission, Enrolment


Bachelor of Jewish Studies (25%, 50% with or without teacher training option, 75% - in combination with Heidelberg University)

You can enrol on the Bachelor's degree course in Jewish Studies within the enrolment period, provided you meet the formal requirements. Apart from the general higher education entrance qualification or a school-leaving certificate recognized as equivalent, no further study requirements are necessary.

Please note: The Bachelor's degree program in Jewish Studies can only be studied in combination with a second subject at Heidelberg University (two subjects at 50% or one main subject at 75% and one accompanying subject at 25%). If your career goal is to become a teacher at grammar schools, you will study both subjects at 50% each with the option to become a teacher. In general, you must apply directly to Heidelberg University for the second subject and observe the university's study requirements. B.A. University of Heidelberg

Bachelor of Jewish Social Work (cooperative study program with the FH Erfurt)

Application and admission for the Bachelor's degree course in Jewish Social Work offered jointly with Erfurt University of Applied Sciences takes place at Erfurt University of Applied Sciences. Students are admitted to both the Erfurt University of Applied Sciences and the University of Jewish Studies. B.A. Social Work FH Erfurt

Master's degree programs

A completed Bachelor's degree is a prerequisite for the Master's degree programs. Further information can be found on the pages of the various M.A. programs and at the Examinations Office.

M.A. degree programs

Examination Office

Enrolment (matriculation) at the Heidelberg University of Jewish Studies takes place within the enrolment period at the Registrar's Office by submitting (in person or by post) the personally signed application for enrolment at the Heidelberg University of Jewish Studies | pdf, 108 KB and the following documents:

  • University entrance qualification (certificate of general higher education entrance qualification or an entrance qualification recognized as equivalent by law or by the competent state authority) in officially certified form and, if applicable, with an officially certified translation
  • Any university degree certificates in officially notarized form and, if applicable, with an officially notarized translation
  • 1 passport photo
  • Copy of identity card/passport
  • Proof of health insurance

    In addition, you must always - even if you are privately insured - contact a statutory German health insurance company and apply for the "Registration reason M10 for the Heidelberg University of Jewish Studies" under the university number H0003564. This process takes up to 5 working days. Enrollment will not take place until the electronic transmission of the statutory health insurance has been completed. In return, the university notifies the health insurance company of the start and - later - the end of your studies.

  • Certificate of enrollment from Heidelberg University (to be submitted later)

For degree programs with admission restrictions

  • Letter of admission

For doctoral studies

  • Certificate of "Acceptance as a doctoral candidate"

  • Detailed certificate of de-registration from the last university attended.

    Detailed certificate of exmatriculation means that the period of enrolment (start/end of your studies) and the degree program (subject/subject semester/degree, if applicable) are documented - if one or more of these details are not included on the certificate of exmatriculation, you can provide them in addition to the certificate of exmatriculation by providing other relevant evidence from the university, e.g. certificate of study progress/certificate of enrolment, etc.

  • All examination certificates related to previous enrollments
  • Proof of leave of absence and semesters abroad

    In the case of a leave of absence, we require proof from the university of the semester in which you were on leave of absence (certificate of enrollment, etc.) - In the case of a semester abroad (semesters in which you were only enrolled abroad), please submit proof of the period (start and end) of your studies abroad.

For all degree programs at the HfJS, it is necessary to enroll at both the HfJS and Heidelberg University.

The enrollment deadlines of the HfJS are based on those of Heidelberg University.

Contributions and fees

  • No tuition fees are charged for studying at the HfJS.
  • The semester fees (administration fee, contribution to the constituted student body, social contribution of the Heidelberg Student Union) are paid exclusively at Heidelberg University. Information on the semester fees to be paid can be found on the Heidelberg University homepage under"Tuition fees". You can find the fee amount applicable to you, your personal reason for payment and the current fee status in your heiCO account under "Tuition fee status".

Collecting your student ID card

  • Once you have enrolled, you will receive an email informing you that you can collect your student ID from the University Administration Office at the earliest five working days after receiving and activating your Uni-ID, but only in person and on presentation of an official photo ID (e.g. ID card or passport). Please note that Uni-IDs can be issued for the summer semester from February 1st at the earliest and for the winter semester from August 1st at the earliest.

Semester dates