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Talmud, codices and rabbinical literature

The subject "Talmud, Codices and Rabbinical Literature" deals with rabbinical Judaism across all eras. One focus is on classical rabbinical Judaism. Particular emphasis is placed on halakhic sources. A further focus is on Jewish law from a legal-historical and jurisprudential perspective. The curriculum is designed according to four main aspects:

  • literary-philological
  • historical (socio-cultural)
  • hermeneutic
  • jurisprudential.

The following types of courses are offered:

Preparatory course:

  • Mechina leTalmud (introductions to rabbinic literature). Compulsory course in the state examination course. Once a year. Usually in the summer semester for students in the 2nd semester who have already taken part in the Mechina course in Bible.


  • on rabbinic Judaism from a socio-cultural and literary perspective (for undergraduate and graduate students)
  • on Jewish law from a systematic and historical perspective (for undergraduate and graduate students)

Proseminars: One proseminar in each semester, usually for students in the 3rd and 4th semesters to

  • Deepening certain aspects of the lecture offered at the same time
  • to expand the subject area of the lecture with special attention to research methodology
    Tutorials: Readings in Talmud (held by a lecturer or research assistant), which include practicing Talmudic Aramaic.


  • Seminars on classical rabbinical literature
  • Seminar on medieval topics
  • Seminar on modern topics