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Hebrew Linguistics

The study of the Hebrew and Jewish-Aramaic language deals with the history of the Hebrew language from the beginning of its written attestation around 1000 BC, the classical period of ancient Hebrew in inscriptions and above all in the Bible, its development via the so-called Middle Hebrew to Rabbinic Hebrew and the Renaissance and the survival of the language in the early Middle Ages and the Middle Ages up to the renewal of Hebrew as a living language in the 19th and 20th centuries. Also included are the Aramaic language dialects, which have been in close contact with the Hebrew language and tradition since antiquity; above all, the focus is on the manifestations of the Jewish-Aramaic dialects from the Christian era onwards as a colloquial language and increasingly also as the language of the great works of Jewish traditional literature.

Chair of Hebrew Linguistics
Vice Rector

Prof. Dr. Viktor Golinets