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Course Attendance & Absences

Anmeldung zu den Kursen

Regardless of the official registration deadline, the following applies: Participation is required from the first session of a course in order to earn credit points! Only officially registered students are entitled to participate. Although you can usually attend the first session of a course unregistered, you must register officially via the online registration portal afterwards!

Further information:

  • Minimum attendance rule: As regular attendance and preparation/follow-up are essential for the successful completion of a course, it is not possible to make unlimited concessions here. For this reason, a course may be graded with 0 CP even if regular proof of performance (e.g. presentation or essay) has already been provided.
  • LP reduction: If there are more than two absences, the "basic points" awarded for attendance (1 LP) and preparation/follow-up (1 LP) are reduced accordingly (e.g. only a total of 1 LP for both performance parts). The values stated here refer to a standard course with 2 SWS (deviations possible). If the missing number of points is not compensated by an agreed additional achievement, the performance certificate can at best be issued with a reduced number of points. Consequence: The course may no longer be booked as planned.


In principle, the HfJS has a rule that two absences per course, i.e. absence on two dates (in relation to a weekly course), are permitted - regardless of whether excused (always welcome!) or unexcused. For block seminars of 2 SWS, the rule is that you may be absent for a maximum of 3 hours (180 min).

In the event of absences exceeding this limit, it can no longer be guaranteed that the course can be completed with a full credit certificate. Under certain circumstances, no certificate of achievement can be issued at all.

If necessary, it is possible to compensate for absences with additional certificates of achievement in order to acquire missing credit points. However, please note the following:

  • There is no entitlement to this. Rather, the decision as to whether - and to what extent - this is possible lies primarily with the course instructor, who examines each case individually.
  • Medical certificates (or other suitable evidence) must be submitted for absences exceeding the permitted scope.
  • To review a case, please first contact your course instructor, who will usually coordinate with the Examinations Office and/or the Dean of Studies Office on how to proceed. You can also contact the latter directly. If no final decision can be reached in this way, the final decision will be made by the Examination Board.