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Certificates of Achievement, Declarations of Plagiarism & Transcripts

Certificates of Achievement and Declarations of Plagiarism

Please fill out the transcript of records carefully; for written assignments, attach the transcript of records and the completed declaration of plagiarism to your work. After the lecturer has graded or awarded the credit points, hand in the certificate and, if applicable, the declaration of plagiarism to the secretary's office or place everything in Mr. Hörmann's box (examination matters).

You can only have the courses registered for the modules that are listed in the course catalog. If the transcripts of records are incorrectly or incompletely completed, they will be returned to you and you will be asked to make the changes or additions.
If, in exceptional cases, you wish to have a course booked for a module that is not scheduled, you should first submit the transcript of records to the Dean of Studies with a corresponding application. Then submit it to the secretary's office or to Mr. Hörmann for booking as usual, together with any notification and/or email correspondence.


The details of the transcripts of records are entered into the HISPOS system. You can print out a transcript of grades yourself via LSF . If you require a signed and sealed transcript, please request this from maximilian.hoermann(at)