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Diversity and Inclusion

The university is interested in ensuring that all students have an optimal working environment in order to successfully complete their studies. For many problems arising from a particular personal situation or current life situation, there are special support or counselling services available either at the HfJS or at Heidelberg University. Please do not hesitate to contact the staff at the HfJS - we will try to help you as best we can!

Special counselling services

Students with children or relatives in need of care are entitled to flexible examination deadlines in accordance with the State Higher Education Act. This includes extended or flexible deadlines for examinations as well as the completion of individual coursework (seminar papers, presentations, etc.). Special regulations on leave of absence during maternity and parental leave or to care for relatives are also intended to give affected students more leeway.

If you have anystudy-related questions or problems, please contact the Equal Opportunities Officer at the HfJS or the relevant Student Advisory Service and the Examinations Office directly. We will endeavour to accommodate you in setting examination dates and extending submission deadlines as far as the legal framework allows.

For further advice and the organisation of everyday life, Heidelberg University offers numerous services that are also open to HfJS students (e.g. childcare, student residences for families, etc.).

There isa nappy-changing area in the university right next to the canteen. A high chair for children is available for lunch if required.

Seminar rooms S 1 to 4 and the two lower levels of the library are barrier-free, as is the covered atrium with PC workstations. There is a disabled toilet on the seminar room level. Unfortunately, the canteen can currently only be reached via four steps. If you need assistance (e.g. accessibility of lecturers, access to certain library collections), you can always contact the staff on site (library, student secretariat, supervisory staff at the gate), who will be happy to help you.

Maximilian Hörmann, the representative for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses, will also be happy to help you at any time.

For technical study-related questions and problems, please contact the relevant student advisory service and the examination office. In principle, you have the right to apply for appropriate compensation for disadvantages when taking examinations; however, please ensure that you contact the relevant lecturer or the Examinations Office in good time!

In addition, Heidelberg University offers a wide range of counselling and support options for students with chronic illnesses or disabilities, which are also available to HfJS students.

The university supports the social goal of providing equal opportunities for men and women and facilitating the compatibility of study/work and family life. In compliance with Section 4 (1) LHG, it is guided by the regulations that Heidelberg University has defined for equal opportunity goals and for achieving them.

If you have any questions or problems in this context or in the event of sexual harassment or discrimination, please contact the university's Equal Opportunities Officer:

Dr Magdalena Vinco

Representative: Professor Dr Viktor Golinets

In difficult personal situations, the university also offers students in Heidelberg the opportunity to receive help and emotional support in a confidential conversation with a rabbi.

Please contact University Rabbi Janusz Pawelczyk-Kissin or Rabbi Prof Dr Birgit E. Klein.

Portraitfoto von Fr. Dr. Magdalena Vinco
Research Assistant at the Chair of Jewish Literatures
Equal Opportunities Officer and Contact Person for Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

Dr. Magdalena Vinco