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The university's publication series consists partly of monographs and partly of collected articles, but one volume is always dedicated to a specific topic. Thus, sacred spaces in Judaism are explored as well as linguistic homelands, material histories and memories of exile.

All issues of Schriften der Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg are available from Winter Verlag

The publication Andere Juden. Texts of the Western Diaspora (ca. 400-800) and their Christian Reception (ca. 700-1200) by Prof. Dr. Johannes Heil

The study profiles the western Mediterranean region as a Jewish diaspora landscape of its own character. The West was not a blank space until the reception of rabbinic Judaism in the High Middle Ages. Archaeological and epigraphic evidence in Greek and Latin, and only to a lesser extent in Hebrew, provides impressive proof of this.

This can now be juxtaposed with pieces of a corpus of Latin texts of very different genres which, as a result of the later Hebraization of the written culture of the western Jews, have only been preserved from ecclesiastical tradition. They do not contain any Christian content and were known to authors of the 9th century as Jewish texts. The book thus places the older cultural history of the diaspora on a new footing and offers insights into questions of self-understanding, self-assertion and cultural diversity as well as transformations in plural societies.

Overview of the Series

All publications are available from Universitätsverlag Winter Heidelberg

  • Linguistic homelands and border crossings. Festschrift for Anat Feinberg
    Volume 23 (Johannes Becke / Roland Gruschka (eds.))
  • Tales of the cloth. Cultural-historical testimonies of a Jewish rural community from the Genisa in Niederzissen
    Volume 22 (Linda Wiesner)
  • Sacred spaces in Judaism. Festschrift for Salomon Korn
    Volume 21 (Johannes Heil / Frederek Musall (ed.))
  • Exile memories of German-speaking Jews in Shanghai 1938-1949
    Volume 20 (Judith Weißbach)
  • Halakhic literature in Ashkenaz in the years 1350-1500
    Volume 19 (Vladislav Zeev Slepoy)
  • Jewish Artists and the Image of the Eternal Jew. From anti-Jewish stereotype to Jewish identification figure
    Volume 18 (Lea Weik)
  • Yiddish Poets and the Soviet Union, 1917-1948
    Volume 17 (Daniela Mantovan)
  • Writing as Stigma. Hebrew and Hebraizing Inscriptions in Late Gothic Paintings
    Volume 16 (Margaretha Boockmann)
  • Synagogues in the Grand Duchy of Baden (1806-1918)
    An investigation into their reception in the public media
    Volume 15 (Christiane Twiehaus)
  • Jewish Collectors and Their Contribution to the Culture of Modernity
    Jewish Collectors and Their Contribution to Modern Culture
    Volume 14 (Annette Weber and Jihan Radjai-Ordoubadi)
  • Jewish Studies as a Discipline - The Disciplines of Jewish Studies.
    Festschrift of the Heidelberg University of Jewish Studies 1979-2009
    Volume 13: (Johannes Heil and Daniel Krochmalnik)
  • Challenged Identity. Contextual change using the example of Moses Maimonides and Hasdai Crescas
    Volume 12 (Frederek Musall)
  • Hebraisms in the Aramaic texts from the Dead Sea 
    Volume 11 (Christian Stadel)
  • Rashi and his legacy. 
    Volume 10 (Daniel Krochmalnik, Hanna Liss, Ronen Reichman)
  • "The breath of man is a lamp of the Lord." Aharon Agus in memory.
    Volume 09 (Ronen Reichman)
  • Tanakh. Textbook of the Jewish Bible
    Volume 08 (Hanna Liss, in collaboration with Annette M. Böckler and Bruno Landthaler)
  • Language Arcades. The language of the Sephardic Jews in Italy in the 16th-17th centuries
    Volume 07 (Rafael Arnold)
  • מה- טוב חלקנו "How good is our share".memorial publication for Yehuda T. Radday.
    Volume 06 (Daniel Krochmalnik/Magdalena Schultz)
  • Yagdil Torah we-Ya'adir. Commemorative publication for Julius Carlebach.
    Volume 05 (Hanna Liss)
  • A life for Jewish art. Memorial volume for Hannelore Künzl.
    Volume 04 (Michael Graetz)
  • The Überlingen Jewish Grave Inscriptions
    Volume 03 (G. Wilhelm Nebe)
  • Judaism between tradition and modernity
    Volume 02 (Gerd Biegel/Michael Graetz)
  • Zinzendorf's non-conformist attitude towards Judaism
    Volume 01 (Christiane Dithmar)
  • 25 and a book
    Anniversary volume of the 25th anniversary of the University of Jewish Studies (Monika Preuss / Margaretha Boockmann)