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Services for Employees

E-mail address

Email: Correct use of your e-mail address

The University of Jewish Studies is not a part of Heidelberg University. If you pass on your e-mail address to other people or publish it in any other way, please do not use, but only (global part, i. e. after the @-sign).

Email: Via Webmail

To use your e-mail online, you can log in via Exchange OWA using a web browser:

Log in according to the following scheme:
Domain: ad\"+ project number", example: ad\xy123
Use the password you've set up.

Email address: Out of office note

If you wish, you can set an out-of-office message. If you receive an email, you will still receive it as normal, but the sender will also receive an automatic reply with a message that you specify.

To set an out-of-office note, log into your email account via Exchange OWA and set the note under Settings (the gear button at the top right).

Don't forget to delete the out-of-office note later.

User ID / project ID

For any questions regarding your project ID, please contact the IT service of the University Computer Center.

IT Service of the University Computing Centre