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How to Connect your Laptop to our Network

Laptops can be connected using the Wi-Fi network "eduroam". This works not only throughout our university and Heidelberg University, but also wherever the free "Heidelberg4You" network is available. To use it, you'll need a user ID provided by the URZ or any university institution that offers eduroam itself.

If eduroam does not yet work on your device, connect to the Wi-Fi network "UNI-HEIDELBERG" to start setting up eduroam.

If you don't have a user ID, you can use the free Wi-Fi network "Heidelberg4You" in many locations in Heidelberg.

To set up eduroam, please use:
"Project ID"+ Example:
and use the password that was previously set up.

Laptop LAN
Laptop LAN via cable is also available in some places. If you wish to use this, you must first connect to the university network via VPN.