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Registration for the Exam

Applications for admission to Bachelor's and Master's examinations can be submitted to the Examinations Office.

You can also obtain the documents from the Examinations Office of the HfJS Heidelberg, in room N2.13, during normal opening hours. You must then have some of the forms signed by the academic advisors of your subjects and your chosen examiners. This will establish that you have completed all the work required for the subject and your degree program and that the examiners you have chosen are prepared to examine you.

The staff at the Examinations Office will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have about the examination procedure. To avoid unnecessary waiting times or delays during the registration phase, you should organize the following in good time:

Find out in good time about the office hours of those examiners from whom you need signatures.

Clarify any open questions regarding exam registration or organization with the Examinations Office. You will be provided with sufficient information at any time during the usual office hours without prior registration.

Make sure that you submit all documents completely filled out and sorted with signatures and stamps by the registration date - first the application forms, then your own documents to be attached.