1. Deutschlandstipendium
2. PROMOS Scholarships for study abroad
3. Scholarship Opportunities  - Foundation Szloma-Albam-Stiftung, Berlin
4. Scholarship Opportunities – Foundation “Kurt und Hildegard Löwenstein/Losten Stiftung”
5. Further information on scholarship opportunities for german and foreign students


1. Deutschlandstipendium

   Currently no call for applications!

What is the Deutschlandstipendium?

The Deutschlandstipendium supports gifted students of who have demonstrated excellence in study and/or in their career, or of whom this is expected in the future. The monthly scholarship amounts to 300 €. Half of this sum is covered by the German state, the other half by private donors. The HfJS offers a Deutschlandstipendium – conditional on funding by private donor.

Who is eligible?

Eligible to receive the scholarship are students enrolled at the Hochschule für Jüdische Studien’s Bachelor- or Master’s programmes at the time of scholarship commencement. Students who receive a different merit-based scholarship are not eligible to receive the Deutschlandstipendium. This restriction does not apply in the case that the sum of this support is below 30 Euros per month for each semester that funding is granted. Receiving study support from the German state (BAföG) is not detrimental to be eligible for the Deutschlandstipendium.

What are the relevant selection criteria?

The main selection criterion is excellence in school and study, but other factors, such as the willingness to take on societal responsibility and proving societal commitment, such as voluntary work, are also considered. Successfully overcoming personal obstacles which may be related to the applicant’s socio-economic background will also be considered. Completed apprenticeships, voluntary internships or notable successes, awards or prizes will also be taken into account. The selection of scholarship holders will take place by decision of a scholarship selection committee.

What is the scholarship duration?

The scholarship duration is dependent on the availability of funding, but generally covers two semesters and is oriented to the standard period of study of the respective study programme. Should the duration of study exceed the standard period of study due to serious reasons, scholarship holders may apply to prolong the funding period. The scholarship ends with the last month in which the student has completed the final examination or is de-enrolled. If the student changes his or her major/study subject, or discontinues the study programme, scholarship support is ceased.  

How can I apply?

The contact person is Mr. Maximilian Hörmann

The deadline for submissions will be announced.

Please send your complete application electronically by 14 February 2021 to

Application documents:

  • Statement asserting that the applicant does not receive any merit-based financial support following the “Law outlining a national study programme” § 4 para. 1 (Gesetz zur Schaffung eines nationalen Studienprogramms) (

  • A CV (in tabular form)

  • A letter of motivation in which applicants explain why their achievements demonstrate to that excellence in their study and later career can be expected in light of their personal background

  • A recommendation letter from a lecturer or professor of HfJS (about one page)

  • In the case of students who have not yet commenced their study as well as second-semester students, a copy of the high school certificate qualifying the holder for university study; in the case of foreign students, a translation and grade conversion of the degree qualifying the holder for university entrance that can be compared to the German grading system

  • If applicable, a copy of the first university degree, or, if not yet available, a preliminary certificate of the final grade

  • If applicable, suitable proof of special commitment, voluntary internships, completed apprenticeships, work experience besides studies, prizes, awards, or special familial or personal situations that should be taken into account

  • A current certificate of enrollment or a copy of acceptance letter from the university

  • For students enrolled in the third semester or later, please add current grade transcripts


2. PROMOS Scholarships for study abroad

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Questions about the PROMOS-programme and the application procedure should be directed to Maximilian Hörmann ( or to Prof. Dr. Viktor Golinets (

⇒ The application deadline for the next call for proposals ends on June 30, 2021!


The Hochschule für Jüdische Studien offers scholarships to encourage study abroad as part of the PROMOS-Programme funded by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). You can find the current rates of funding [HERE]. For individual information please contact

Funding possibilities
Study scholarships (duration: 1 to 6 months)
Both short-term scholarships (for example to support final theses) and scholarships of a duration of up to six months (for example to cover a semester abroad) are offered.

PhD students are not eligible for this programme. The scholarship provides a monthly partial payment and a one-time lump sum to cover travel expenses. The exact amount depends on the destination and is outlined in the DAAD Funding Guidelines.

Receiving a PROMOS-scholarship (with a semester-long duration) as part of the Joint Degree M.A. Jewish Studies – History of Jewish Cultures (Jüdische Studien – Geschichte jüdischer Kulturen) for the semester abroad at KFU Graz is only possible in two exceptions. Scholarships may be granted for those students who have already received a scholarship through the ERASMUS-cooperation for their study period in Graz and are consequently no longer eligible to receive a further ERASMUS-grant, as well as in the situation that the amount of ERASMUS-funds allotted to the HfJS has already been exhausted for the current academic year.

Language courses (duration: 3 weeks to 6 months)
Eligible to be supported are also language courses taken by students, including PhD candidates, at universities abroad. Students may apply for a one-time fixed payment and a onetime lump-sum to cover travel expenses. The exact amount depends on the destination and is outlined in the DAAD Funding Guidelines.

Summer courses / subject-specific courses (up to 6 weeks)
Summer courses or subject-specific courses taken by students, including doctoral students, at universities or research institutions abroad can be supported. Students may apply for a onetime lump-sum to cover tuition fees, as well as a one-time lump sum to cover travel expenses and a monthly partial scholarship, depending on the course duration. The amount depends on the destination and is outlined in the DAAD Funding Guidelines. .

Internships (duration: 6 weeks to 6 months)
Receiving financial support for internships of students in countries outside of the regions covered by the ERASMUS-programme is only possible for students who have already received ERASMUS funding for an internship abroad and can therefore no longer receive ERASMUS+ funding. Doctoral students are not eligible to apply for funding as part of this programme.

Lump-sum for travel costs
The amount of the lump-sum for travel costs is set by the DAAD Funding Guidelines of respective destination countries.

Additional costs (such as tuition fees) cannot be covered through the scholarship.

Application requirements
Degree-seeking students enrolled in one of the study programmes of the HfJS and doctoral students of the HfJS are eligible to apply for funding.

The support of a research stay in the applicant’s home country (including the country of citizenship or a former main place of residence) is not possible.

Application documents
Please include with your application:

  • a meaningful motivation letter of 2 to 3 pages
  • a CV
  • the expert assessment of a HfJS lecturer
  • the completed application form (to be downloades here)
  • an overview of credits attained to date (the necessary details can be found here)
  • as well as a proof of grades, alternatively an up-to-date transcript with credits/grades
  • if applicable, proof of required language skills
  • an overview of the scholarships/grants previously received, accepted or applied for in the current phase of study (BA/MA/German teacher’s education (Lehramt)/doctoral study). Please download the necessary form here.

It is expected by the scholarship holder that s/he organizes his/her stay independently and is responsible for their own health insurance. It is possible to take part in a group insurance programme of the DAAD.

Questions about the PROMOS-programme at the HfJS should be directed to

Information about the selection procedure
The PROMOS-scholarships of the HfJS are distributed by a selection committee on the basis of written applications. Interviews will not be conducted. Crucial criteria to receive a PROMOS-scholarship are students’ past grades and credits, as well as the necessity and purpose of a stay abroad as part of the study programme at the HfJS.

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3. Scholarship Opportunities – Foundation Szloma-Albam-Stiftung, Berlin:

The HfJS is pleased to announce the following scholarship opportunity:

Founded to encourage growth in a broad range of Jewish contexts, from education, science and research, to the cultural arts, the Foundation Szloma-Albam-Stiftung in Berlin, invites applications for the 2022/2023 academic year to candidates striving to complete the Master of Arts in Jewish Civilizations – an international partnership programme between Paideia - the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden and the Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg.

The funding period will begin April 2022 upon arrival in Heidelberg and entails monthly payments of an amount equivalent to the “BAFöG-Höchstsatz” (currently 861 EUR), for a maximum duration of 12 months. The number of scholarships for candidates studying the M.A. programme “Jewish Civilisations” is limited to three.

This scholarship is exclusively for students with a Jewish family background and without a citizenship of a EU country. Please note that due to their own statutes, the Szloma-Albam-Stiftung can only support Jewish students that will have to be proven by any form of documentation.

Preference will be given to highly focussed candidates that want to do “Jewish Civilisations” as their first final study degree. Being able to prove strong ties to their own Jewish communities or being institutionally engaged in fostering Jewish life and culture are advantages.

Applications can be in German or English and should include:

  • A Letter of Motivation (no more than two A4 pages), outlining
  1. how the MA in Jewish Civilizations is instrumental in achieving your professional goals
  2. why financial assistance is required (also list your past, current and requested scholarships), and
  3. what your Jewish belonging means to you personally.
  • Your Curriculum vitae with listed details on education, personal interests and language skills (no more than two A4 pages)
  • Academic, community-oriented or professional recommendations, references or certificates
  • Verification of your membership in a Jewish community or your Jewish background
  • Verification of your enrollment at the Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg (to be handed in later).

The deadline for submissions is 21st of June 2021, consent or refusal will be declared in mid August 2021.

Please send all application materials as a single PDF to

Mr. Grischa Zeller, Leitung Förderwesen

Tel.: 0 30 - 23 63 20 18-3
Fax: 0 30 - 23 63 20 18-9

Szloma-Albam-Stiftung, Ansbacher Straße 74, D-10777 Berlin

Applications by Jewish candidates for scholarships for other qualification programmes are also possible, please enquire or consult

4. Scholarship Opportunities – Foundation “Kurt und Hildegard Löwenstein/Losten Stiftung”:

The Kurt und Hildegard Löwenstein/Losten - Foundation ( donates for the years 2020, 2021 and 2022 an amount of 30.000 Euro to the Hochschule für Jüdische Studien to create a scholarship fund for students in Jewish Studies.

It is therefore a great pleasure that the HfJS invites applications from highly qualified candidates. Preference will be given to Non-EU-students striving to complete the Master of Arts in Jewish Civilizations – an international partnership program between “Paideia - the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden” and the “Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg”.

The funding period begins in April upon arrival in Heidelberg and entails a monthly stipend of 500.- Euro for a minimum duration of 5 months – one extension for maximum 10 months until January of the following year is possible. The scholarship holder’s physical presence in Heidelberg will remain a requirement throughout the duration of his/her funding period.

Applications must include:

  • Letter of Motivation, outlining
    • a) how the degree program in Jewish Studies is instrumental in achieving someone’s professional goals
    • b) to what extent financial assistance is required (What are further incomes? How is the general financial situation?)

  • Curriculum vitae (no more than one DIN A4 page) with listed details on education, language skills, other special skills or qualifications (also outside university studies)
  • Two academic or community-oriented recommendation letters (can be the same that are used for the application for the M.A. program, but others would also be welcome)

Applicants are herewith informed that distribution of the grant will go into effect only following the scholarship holder’s official enrollment at the Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg.

The next deadline for submission is January 15th, 2022 - begin of funding April 1st

Please send all application materials online as one single PDF in English or German to 

Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg / Maximilian Hoermann

Landfriedstr. 12

69117 Heidelberg

Questions about the program in advance can be made at the same address.

5. Further information on scholarship opportunities for german and foreign students

Information about possibilities of funding through the DAAD for foreign students, graduates, doctoral students and university lecturers, as well as further opportunities by selected funding organisations can be found under

Further addresses and information about scholarships for german and foreign students can be found in an overview on the website of the University of Heidelberg (German/ English)




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