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Open cases

The books in the Davidovic estate contain numerous ownership notes. Not all of them have yet been recorded and documented.

The processing status of the individual entities recorded to date varies greatly. In some cases we are not even able to correctly identify the name, in others we are already in the process of contacting the heirs.

We would be grateful for any information on the persons/institutions!

All entities and the corresponding books are published in the Looted Cultural Assets database and can be found there using the search function.


Abramovicz, Julius Presumably from Bohemia, attribution not yet certain
Adler, Morris Rabbi, murdered in the USA in 1966, suspicion of robbery not yet clarified
Altar, Pavel Assignment still uncertain
Ashkenazi, Alexander Assignment still uncertain
Austerlitz, Löw Foundation rabbi in Prague
Baer, Salomon Teacher from Bad Bergzabern, whose only daughter died in a traffic accident in Gelsenkirchen in 1938
Baum, identification not certain
Berg, Gertrud Assignment still uncertain
Berka, M. Moses or Moritz Berka, teacher and principal in Klattau / Klatovy
Blaustein, Erich/Eric Survivor (Buchenwald) from Detmold
Block, J. Identification not certain, presumably from Bohemia
Blech, Albert From Kaschau / Košice (Slovakia)
Bondy, G. L. [?] Assignment not certain
Bonnin, Julie From Bielefeld (also Bonin, 1861-1941)
Brada, Hans Assignment not yet certain, possibly from Gablonz/Jablonec
Bret, S. Dr. Rabbi (from Bohemia?)
Brett, Dr. Probably rabbi in Klattau, Bohemia, place name not yet legible
Carniol, Josef Dr. Chemist, murdered in Auschwitz
Chodowski, Salomo Dr. Religious teacher in Berlin, rabbi in Silesia, died 1907
Cohen, Leon Daniel Altona 1893 - Auschwitz 1944/45 (prisoner in Theresienstadt)
German, Em Assignment uncertain (Emanuel? Emerich / Imre?), associated with I. Pap and A. Gips
Diamant, B. Assignment still uncertain
Dunst, Matthaeus Possibly expropriated during the German occupation of Bohemia or under the communist post-war government, Christian clergyman
Dubosarsky or Dobosarski ? attribution not yet certain
Eiselen, reading and attribution uncertain
Epstein, From Prague, attribution still uncertain
Faktor, Therese From Obecnic near Dobříš / Doberschisch in Bohemia
Ferda, Rudolf Field Rabbi, murdered in Auschwitz
Fischer, M. JuDr. presumably Markus/Marek Fischer from Kolín
Fischhof, Franz From Prague
Flatow, Max (Detmold 1914 - Warsaw ghetto (?) 1942)
Fleischl, Leopold Arthur From Budapest/Neuern/Prague, died 1913
Flusser, Regina [?] Assignment still uncertain
Fraenkel, Max (Berlin 1883 - Auschwitz 1943) Entrepreneur from Berlin, Sally Fraenkel company
Gaesing, H. Assignment still uncertain
Gips, Alojz Presumably Alois Gips, born 1918 in Pressburg / Bratislava (died 2010 in Brooklyn)
Glanzberg, Leopold Employee in the library of the Jüd. Mus. Prague, murdered in Auschwitz
Göhrke, Eugen Gustav Preacher, presumably from Stettin, pastor at the Nikolaikirche in Berlin
Goldmann, Berthold identical bookplate in the Stabi Berlin (

Gorijch, Aurelius Presumably a Bohemian friar
Gottschalk, M. Presumably Moses Gottschalk from Osnabrück
Hauser, Malka Assignment unclear
Heckscher, Samson Presumably S.H. from Hamburg
Hein, Milan Assignment still uncertain, at least temporary residence in Prague
Hengster, Conrad Bohemian friar (?)
Herrmann, Karl Textile manufacturer in Warnsdorf, Czech Republic
Hirsch, Ernst Resident of the Jewish orphanage in Frankfurt am Main (Röderbergweg 87), possibly deported to Theresienstadt, not yet clearly identified
Hirschel, K. Assignment unclear
Hoch, P. Presumably Rabbi Pavel Hoch from Breslau
Horetzky, Dr. Assignment unclear
Hrdlicka, Max Lawyer from Brno, identical stamps in the SLUB Dresden
Huller, Rudolf From Hluboka/Frauenberg, murdered in Majdanek
Jacobs, Erich teacher and cantor from Unna, emigrated to Cuba and the USA in 1941
Jaffé, Gabriel merchant from Hamburg
Kafka, Karl Assignment still unclear, identical stamps in the ZLB Berlin and SLUB Dresden
Kahan, Baruch Hirsch Assignment still unclear
Kapras, ? attribution still unclear
Kauders, Eduard Entrepreneur from Detmold (Hamburg 1886 - Auschwitz 1944)
Kiesgen, Fritz Presumably from Velbert
Kinzler, Adolf From Ludwigsburg, teacher and pastor in Basel
Kisch, M. Assignment still uncertain
Klaus, Hans MuDr. Presumably H.K. from Prague (1914 assistant doctor at the Imperial and Royal German Obstetrics Clinic in Prague)
Klatscher, reading uncertain
Klauber, Hermann Rabbi (1867 Jechnitz - 1943 Theresienstadt)
Klein, Deszö Dr. Desider(ius) Klein
Klein, Ele[azer?] Assignment still uncertain
Klein, Elimelech Assignment still uncertain
Klein, Heinrich / Jindřich Dr. Nitra 1913 - Auschwitz 1943, Dr. of Physics, employee of the Prague religious community, prisoner in Theresienstadt
Kleiner, E. Assignment still uncertain
Kleiner, Kamil Possibly a member of the Czech government in exile in London and probably returned after the end of the war
Knöpfelmacher, Bedrich Czech rabbi, died in Theresienstadt in 1944
Kobak, Joseph Publisher of the magazine Jeschurun (died 1913 in Lemberg)
Kober, Karl Assignment still uncertain
Kober, Wilhelm merchant in Breslau (died 1935), dedicatee
Königsberg, Samuel teacher in Bohemia (died 1913), "Samuel Königsberg's Deutsches Privat-Instutut in Pardubitz"
Kohen, Abraham Assignment still uncertain
Kohn, Ruth Assignment still uncertain
Kolar, attribution still uncertain
Krakauer, attribution uncertain (dedication by M. Pomeranz / Breslau?)
Kraus, Josef Bohemian rabbi, attribution still unclear
Krehl, Prof. Ludolf Orientalist, died 1901, dedicatee: Hebraist Seligmann Baer
Kulka, Rose Assignment still uncertain, also available in the collection with the name Rosa Kulka
Lanz, Gustav Presumably from Bielefeld, attribution still uncertain
Lasch, Simon Also Simon Lichtenstadt, Bohemian rabbi, died 1868 (dedicatee Aaron Günzburg)
Lazarus, Salomon Presumably from Düsseldorf, attribution still uncertain
Lederer, Mór Head of the Jewish orphanage in Pest during the German occupation
Lehmann, Otto Berlin rabbi (1912 - ?) Presumably in Great Britain since 1939
Lehmann-Haupt, Carl Friedrich Ancient historian (died 1938), dedicatee (recipient: Arthur Stein)
Leipen, G. Presumably Gabriel Leipen from Prague, employee in the library of the Jewish Museum
Levy, Alfred Rabbi from Bonn
Lewinsohn, Julius Presumably identified, merchant from Hamburg, died in Theresienstadt in 1943
Lichtenstein, Max Notprüfung zum Rabbiner in Berlin, entered the (1st World) War and died in 1915, bequest to the Hochschule für die Wiss. des Judentums Berlin
Liditzky, Johann Baptist friar from Prague / Iglau
Lischka, Richard Dr. Titled as consul in the dedication, attribution still uncertain
Lieben, David Assignment still uncertain, probably from Prague
Lieben, Ernst Joachim From Prague (Prague 1914 - Auschwitz 1944)
Lieben, Ludwig Assignment still uncertain, presumably from Prague
Lieben, Prof. Salomon Hugo Founder of the Jüd. Mus. Prague; historian with extensive library, worked at the "Jewish Central Museum", renamed by the National Socialists, until his death in 1942
Lieben, Salomon MuDr. Cousin of S. H. Lieben, murdered in Dachau in 1942
Liebermann, H. From Prague, presumably Hugo Liebermann, died in Theresienstadt in 1943
Lion, Bertha Assignment still uncertain
Lipmann, M. and Philipp Presumably from Prague, lived in the 19th century
Löb, Mendel probably grandfather of the socialist and women's rights activist Johanna Loewenstein from Rheinbrohl
Lövinger, Walter from Karlsbad, head of the space management department in the Theresienstadt camp
Lövy, Salamon From Pressburg / Bratislava, presumably teacher and rabbi S. Lövy, moved to Graz in 1903
Löwe, Fritz Assignment still uncertain
Löwinger, Awi Presumably from Bohemia, attribution not yet certain
Loewit, Isidor Viennese senior cantor (1864 - 1942, Theresienstadt)
Löwy, Dr. Presumably from Prague, dedicatee: Paula Wechsberg (daughter of Adolf Jellinek)
Löwy, David, Dr. Rabbi from Bohemia (possibly identical with Löwy, Dr.)
Lowy, Louis Reading of the name uncertain
Lubliner, dedication by Clara and Leopold Berliner (1957)
Mattern, Anna Assignment still uncertain
Meller, Albert MuDr. / doctor from Svitavy/Zwittau (1890 - Auschwitz 1943)
Mendelssohn, A. From Poland, attribution still uncertain
Menz, Aug. Assignment still uncertain
Michaelis-Jena, L presumably Laura or Lina Michaelis-Jena (both from Detmold)
Moddel, Rudolf Kantor und Schächter im polnischen Zory und als Kultusbeamter 1933 in Frankfurt geführt, presumably survivor and via DP camp to England; died in Leeds in 1949
Modli, Jankiel Szmul Polish-born opera singer, died in Berlin in 1938
Montefiore, Moses (Livorno 1884 - Ramsgate 1885), book with his bookplate but possibly not from his possession
Naumann, Hans Can be identified as cand. phil. 1933 in Leipzig, further research
Naumann, Jean Assignment still uncertain
Oktabec, A. Antonìn Oktabec ?
Ornstein, R[iga?] Assignment still uncertain, at least temporary stay in Prague
Petri, ? attribution unclear
Pap, Ignaz Chief Rabbi in Neusatz / Novi Sad, name changed to Ignaz Süsz
Pick, T. Assignment still uncertain
Plaček, Max Caricaturist, many of his portraits made in Theresienstadt have been preserved (Kyiov 1902 - Schwarzheide 1944)
Platschek, Julius From Strassnitz/Moravia, died in Theresienstadt in 1943
Polauf, Jos. Assignment still uncertain
Pollak, Isidor Prof. Semitist and philosopher of religion (died 1922) at the German University of Prague, librarian at the Jewish Museum Prague, possibly left private library to the museum.
Preysing, Caspar Possibly Johann Caspar Graf von Preysing-Lichtenegg-Moos (1903-1945)
Rachmuth, Michael Rabbi (1865 Siret - 1943 Auschwitz)
Rakous, Vojtěch Prague writer, died 1935 (born Adalbert Östreicher), presumably dedication copies
Rapoport, Salomon Leib Chief Rabbi of Prague (Lemberg 1790 - Prague 1867)
Rattinger, Jacob Dr. Advocate from Brno
Reich, G. Rabbi, attribution still uncertain
Reiniger, ? from Czechoslovakia, belonging to the Amalia Reiniger family?
Reiniger, Amalia (Brno 1964 - Treblinka 1942), dedicatee / owner: niece or nephew
Renjes, Heinz Presumably a student from Siegen
Riesenburger, Martin Dr. Rabbi, survivor, community rabbi in East Berlin
Reschke, Max Director of a Jewish school in Berlin, Reich Association of Jews in Germany, camp director "Iranische Straße", survivor, imprisoned in the GDR for collaboration with the Gestapo
Revel, Dr. B. Presumably Bernard Revel, first president of Yeshiva University
Roederer, Johann Michael Theologian ? (18th century), probably from Bohemia
Rosenzweig, Arthur Assignment still uncertain
Rychnovsky, Rudolf Bohemian rabbi
Šanda, Dr. V. Assignment still uncertain, probably from Bohemia or Moravia
Sauberzweig, attribution still uncertain
Schlottmann, Prof. Probably Constantin Schlottmann from Minden, theologian, orientalist in Halle, died 1887
Schönova, Vera From Prague
Scholz, G. Assignment still uncertain
Schulz, (cantor) attribution still uncertain
Schur, David Assignment still uncertain
Schwartz, Wilhelm Assignment still uncertain
Schwarz, Jakob From Prague, attribution still uncertain
Schwarz, Victor Assignment still uncertain
Segalla, H. Assignment still uncertain
Semler, Karl Assignment still uncertain
Sicher, Gustav Dr. Rabbi in Nachod, Prague and Palestine, died 1960, emigrated to Palestine in 1938 and returned to Prague after the end of the war
Spatzier, G. Gustav Spatzier (1921-1945) from Prague?
Springorum, Lotte Assignment still uncertain
Stara, Albert Clergyman from a Bohemian monastery, possibly expropriated during the German occupation of Bohemia or under the post-war communist government
Steiger, Victorin Court lawyer (Prossnitz 1834 - Wein 1902)
Stein, Arthur Dr. Ancient historian, survivor (died 1950 in Prague)
Stein, Ernst From Prague (student in 1918)
Stein, Friederike From Bielefeld
Stein, Fritz Günther From Bielefeld
Stein, Hanus Reading uncertain
Steinberg, Ludvik From Prague, attribution not yet certain
Sternschein, E. Assignment not yet certain
Sud, Isidor Last rabbi in Cheb / Eger, emigrated to the USA with his wife in 1939, rabbi in Philadelphia
Tausch, Hans Assignment still uncertain
Taussig, Heinrich Samuel From Prague, died 1912
Taussik, Nelly Assignment not yet certain (wife of Süssmann Muntner?)
Teltscher, ? Probably Dr. Richard Teltscher (Vienna 1888 - London 1974), founder of the Moravian and Silesian Jewish Central Museum in Nikolsburg/Mikulov
Teweles, Efraim Löv Senior cantor in Prague, born 1857
Tovim, Dori From Palestine? Assignment uncertain
Treuenfels, attribution still uncertain
Tull, Lucia Assignment still uncertain
Vancura, Bohumil Bohemian priest, son of Bishop Vaclav Vancura, member of the "Czechoslovak League against Anti-Semitism", possibly fled to England and served in the exile government there
Vorreuter, H. Presumably Hede/Hedwig Vorreuter from Dortmund
Weinberger, Dr. Assignment still uncertain, presumably from Bohemia
Weinstein, Rosa Assignment still uncertain
Weisbord, Sigrid Assignment still uncertain
Weiß, Siegmund Cult leader from Boskowitz/Boskovice (1846-1922)
Wiener, Max Assignment still uncertain
Wiener, Ph. attribution still uncertain
Winterberg, Josef Dr. Physician from Vienna
Woskin-Nahartabi, Dr. Moses Orientalist at the University of Halle, Hebrew teacher in Prague, forced labor at the Prague "Jewish Central Museum", taught Arabic and Hebrew in Theresienstadt, murdered in Auschwitz
Zappner, Irma From Prague
Zika, From Bohemia, attribution still uncertain
Zweigenthal, A. Presumably from Bohemia, attribution still uncertain
?, Olga


(for the original german designations of several of these institutions see the german version of this website)

Adolf Kraus Lodge Olomouc-Proßnitz

Library of the Jewish Community Berlin

Library of the Moravia Bnai Brith (Brno)

Belf bookshop, Vienna

Citizens' School Bielefeld

Canadian Federation of Polish Jews

Centralny Komitet Żydów w Polsce Centralna Żydowska Komisja Historyczna Lódź

Česká protifašistická společnost (Czech anti-fascist society)

Chewra Kadischa Prague (Prague Burial Brotherhood)

Cossmann Werner Library, Munich

Główna Bibljoteka Judaistyczna przy Wielkiej Synagodze w Warszawie (Central Jewish Library of the Great Synagogue of Warsaw)

Grand Lodge for the Czechoslovak State B'nai B'rith (Prague)

Grand Lodge for Germany VIII U. O. B. B. [Independent Order of Bnei Briss]

College/teaching institute for the science of Judaism in Berlin (Lehranstalt/Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums)

Jewish Community of Aussig

Jewish Community Friedek-Mistek

Jewish Community of Gewitsch (Jevíčko)

Jewish religious community Sobieslau

Jewish Religious Community of Dresden, Wünsche Library

Joel Herford'sche Foundation, Detmold

Joint Book Supply Committee (World Jewish Congress)

Jewish Community of Prague, Library

Jewish Community of Detmold

Jewish School Library, Pilsen

Jewish People's Association, Náchod / Židovský spolek lidový v Náchodě

Jewish Hiking Association "Blue-White" Pilsen

Jewish Old People's Home Prague

Jewish Casino Prossnitz

Jewish Scientific Institute Sofia (ЕВРЕЙСКИ НАУЧЕН ИНСТИТУТ СОФИЯ, founded in 1947)

Youth Library of the Humanity Association U.O.B.B. "Allianz" in Budweis

Keren Hajesod Prague

Sopron Monastery Library

Cultural Committee of the Jewish Youth in Germany

Cultural Department ARJ Prague (Council of Elders of the Jews in Prague)

National Rabbinical Seminary Budapest

Langemarck Studies of the Reich Student Leadership / Langemarck House Prague

Reading hall of German students in Prague

Reading and speech hall of Jewish university students in Prague

Liberal Jewish Synagogue Library London

Lippische Landesbibliothek, contemporary history collection

Gabirol" Lodge (Berlin)

Lodge "Menorah" (Trautenau/Bohemia)

D.J.G. Girls' School (German-Jewish Community Association Gemeindebund / donated by M. Lessmann / presumably Israelitische Töchterschule Hamburg)

NSDAP main archive

NSV-Gauschule Hochstadt a.d. Iser

Upper secondary school Brno

Piarist Order, Bohemia

Pomocný výbor pro žid. Mládež (Auxiliary Committee for Jewish Youth)

Rabbinate of the Communities in Westphalia

Fraenckel'sche Foundation Seminary, Wroclaw

St. Peter's Seminary, Prague

SLAV. THEOL. BIBL. (in clarification)

Municipal library and reading room in Tetschen a.E. (Děčín)

Warnsdorf municipal library

Teplá Abbey

Světový Židovsky Kongres (World Jewish Congress, Prague)

Synagogue community Hagen i.W.

Talmud Torah České Budějovice (Budweis)

Teplice-Schönau Reading Club

Tetschner Library (von Thun-Hohenstein)

Olomouc Faculty of Theology

Terezín (ghetto library, central library, youth welfare, "Hebrew Room")

Walther Rathenau Foundation

Association "Zion" Tobitschau / Tobitschau Public Library

Daph Hajaumi Association

Association of Jewish University Students in Prague "Bar Kochba"

Minden Public Library

Traveling library of the Prussian State Association of Jewish Communities