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Ongoing Dissertation Projects

  • Melissa Anwar Uthman MA: Masora parva Collections in Ashkenazi Manuscripts, e.g. MS Berlin SPK or.fol. 1219 'Erfurt 11'

  • Dipl. Phys. Bettina Burghardt MA.: The study of two alphabetically structured Old French-Hebrew/Aramaic vocabularies, their meaning and their embedding in the Jewish and Christian traditions of medieval northern France in the 12th to 14th centuries

  • Johannes Müller, Dipl. Theol.: Radaq's commentary on the Psalms in the field of tension of the Jewish-Christian controversy

  • Sebastian Seemann, MA.: New edition of the Okhla recension Paris and its relationship to the inner and outer biblical Masoretic lists

Completed Dissertations

  • Maria Seidel, MA.: The Masoretic Commentary of R. Yaʿaqov ben Asher (Baʿal ha-Turim) in its relation to the Ashkenazic Masora tradition (2024)

Publication: in preparation

  • Annabelle Fuchs, MA.: Neither "Small" nor "Midrash" - "Medieval Hebrew Bible Narratives" as a counter-draft to the idea of the "Small Medieval Midrashim" (2023)

Publication: in preparation

  • Dr. Jonas Leipziger: Reading Practices in Ancient Judaism. Materiality - use of writing - reception (2019)

Publication: Reading practices in ancient Judaism. Acts of Reception, Materiality and the Use of W riting (Materiale Textkulturen 34; Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2021), open access:

https: //

  • Dr. Kay Joe Petzold: Rashi and the Masorah. Investigation of the reception practice of the Masorah in the commentary literature of Rav Solomon ben Isaaq (Rashi) (2015)

Publication: Masorah and exegesis. Studies on the Masorah and Bible text transmission in the commentary of R. Schlomo ben Yitzchaq (Rashi) (Materiale Textkulturen 24; Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2019), open access:

https: //

  • Dr. Ingeborg Solveig Lederer-Brüchner: The Commentary on the Book of Ruth in Medieval Interpretation Literature (2014)

Publication: Commentaries on the Book of Ruth by Josef Kara Editions, Translations, Interpretations. Kontextualisierung mittelalterlicher Auslegungsliteratur (Judaism and Environment; Frankfurt et al.: Peter Lang, 2017).