Data on Biblical Hebrew Personal Names (DFG)

Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Viktor Golinets

Project Assistant: Josef Černohous

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The project aims at offering convenient access to morphological and syntactic-semantic data on Biblical Hebrew personal names for students and scholars of Hebrew, Jewish, Semitic and Ancient Near Eastern studies, Old Testament, Religious studies as well as History. Books and studies can organize data only according to several features predefined by the author, whereas a database can be interrogated on any feature and it can deliver the material in customized lists. This is of major importance for onomastics, since taking in account the complete corpus is a crucial methodological point. Analytical decisions based upon single unit or segment considerations are to be avoided as a matter of principle. The core of the database is an analytical entry containing the name itself (masoretic and extramasoretic form, transliteration and transcription) structured information on morphemes (verbal and nominal elements according to their types, bases and roots) and overall syntactic-semantic information (nominal and verbal sentence patterns, corresponding to certain semantic patterns and word groups) as well as a translation. Furthermore the database offers deliberations about certain names or name types, links to extrabiblical-epigraphic and West Semitic onomastics as well as bibliographic data.

In collaboration with Lehrstuhl für die Biblische Einleitung an der Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (Prof. Dr. Hans Rechenmacher) and the IT-group Geisteswissenschaften der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Dr. Christian Riepl).


2015_04_21_DFG Golinets_Mitarbeiter

​Project assistants (from left to right):

Lukas Sandmeir, Christian Riepl (München), Hans Rechenmachen, Annemarie Frank (Würzburg), Viktor Golinets, Josef Černohous (Heidelberg).


Latest Revision: 2020-02-05