Special counseling

The Hochschule is committed to offering students optimal working surroundings so that students can complete their studies successfully. For many problems which result from a specific personal situation or a momentary life situation, special support and counseling options are available, either at the HfJS or at the University of Heidelberg. Please do not hesitate to contact the staff of the HfJS – we will try to help to the best of our abilities.

Students with children or relatives in need of care

Students with children or relatives in need of care have a right to flexible examination deadlines as set out in the Landeshochschulgesetz (the law regulating colleges/universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg). This includes the right to deadline extensions as well as flexible examination dates, but also being allowed to complete independent study examinations (such as essays (Seminararbeiten), presentations etc.). Special regulations for maternity and parental leave or to care for relatives are meant to allow affected students more temporal flexibility.

For questions and problems related to the course of studies please turn to the ombudswo/man for equality issues (Gleichstellungsbeauftragte/r) of the HfJS, or directly to the respective study counselor (Studienberatung) as well as the examination office (Prüfungsamt). We endeavor to be able to help you with the determination of examination dates as well as the extension of deadlines to the extent the legal framework allows.

For further counselling regarding the organization of everyday activities, the University of Heidelberg offers many guidance options open also for HfJS students (for example child care, student housing for families etc.).

A baby-changing station is located in the Hochschule directly next to the cafeteria. A booster chair is available on request for shared lunches.

Chronically ill or handicapped students

The seminar rooms S 1 to 4 and the two lower levels of the library are accessible without barriers, as is the covered atrium with PC workstations. A disabled toilet is located on the level of the seminar rooms. Unfortunately, the cafeteria can currently only be reached via four steps. If you need assistance (e.g. accessibility of lecturers, access to certain library stocks), you can always contact the staff on site (library, student secretariat, supervisory staff at the gate) who will be happy to help you.

In this context, Maximilian Hörmann, the representative for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses, is also available as a contact person at any time.

For questions and problems related to studies, please contact the respective study counselor (Studienberatung) as well as the examination office (Prüfungsamt). In principle, you have the right to apply for a suitable compensation for disadvantage (Nachteilsausgleich). In order to receive such a compensation, please be contact the respective lecturers or the examination office early!

Furthermore, the University Heidelberg offers numerous possibilities of counselling and support for students with chronical illness or a handicap, open also for HfJS students.

Questions of equality (Gleichstellung) / Contact persons in cases of sexual and discrimination harassment

The Hochschule supports the wider societal goal of offering men and women equal opportunities and to enable the compatibility of study with work and family. To achieve equal opportunity, the Hochschule is oriented to the regulations the University of Heidelberg, taking into account § 4 para. 1 of the Landeshochschulgesetz.

For questions and problems in this context or in cases of sexual and discrimination harassment please turn to the ombuds(wo)man for equality issues (Gleichstellungsbeauftragte/r) of the Hochschule:

Dr. Magdalena Vinco

Substitute: Professor Dr. Viktor Golinets

Religious welfare

For difficult personal situations the Hochschule also offers its students the opportunity for confidential conversations with a rabbi, thereby offering help and spiritual assistance in Heidelberg.

Please contact the Hochschule’s rabbi Janusz Pawelczyk-Kissin or rabbi Prof. Dr. Birgit E. Klein.

Latest Revision: 2024-04-02