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Logo GRK 1728 Recent academic Theology is the result of a long historical process which established forms and institutions of reflexivity within different religious traditions. This process is fundamental for any dialogue among religions themselves and between religion as such and the secular world. Although the multifarious presence of religion(s) is very much in the focus of today’s (post) secular society, the analytical potential of Theology and its ‘scientific‘ character as an academic discipline are regarded as precarious. Against this background, the PhD program “Theology as an Academic Discipline“ (in German: Graduiertenkolleg "Theologie als Wissenschaft", abbr. “GRK“) will reconstruct the historical formation and constitution of theological reflexivity in exemplary fields and, at the same time, offer a systematic account of a rational basis for religious normativity today. Intrinsically interconfessional and interreligious in its character, the PhD program will not only engage the different normative religious traditions, represented by the respective theologies, but by including relevant non-theological disciplines will also foster a transdisciplinary discourse which aims at a mutual illumination about the emergence and purpose of theology.

The Graduate School finished its program in 2021.

In 2023, a collected volume was published by the Graduate School‘s scholars: “Grenzgänge wissenschaftlicher Reflexivität in Judentum, Christentum und Islam“ (edited by Tugrul Kurt, Felix Maschka, Johannes Müller and Christoph Rogers). The volume is available in open access: Further Information


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