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Workshop and Seminary "Introduction to Codicology and Paleography": Experiencing Jewish Manuscript Cultures

A workshop taught by Hanna Liss and Diana Matut at the Heidelberg Center for Jewish Studies introduces – in theory and practice – the necessary methodological tools for the work with as well as research of Medieval manuscripts: Students learn and experience how parchment, ink and feathers were made; how codices were bound and written; and to differentiate the different geocultural families of Jewish Medieval manuscripts.

Collage Codicology Workshop





Masorah Workshop: Philology & Aesthetics, Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg


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Hanna Liss

Clemens Liedtke

Sara Offenberg


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Dalia-Ruth Halperin

Annette Weber

Hanna-Barbara Rost


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Hanna Liss and Kay Joe Petzold






International Conference "Material Aspects of Reading", Heidelberg Center for Jewish Studies

Sfb 933 B04c02-conference

  • Organized by the Collaborative Research Center 933 Material Text Cultures
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47. Internationale Ökumenische Konferenz der Hebräischlehrenden, Heidelberg Center for Jewish Studies


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