Assistant Professor Dr. Johannes Becke


Israel and Middle East Studies

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Office hours (term break): 16 August, 2-4pm and 27 September, 2-4pm
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Ben Gurion Chair for Israel and Middle East Studies




2013-2015 Israel Institute Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, University of Oxford

2014 PhD dissertation, Department of Political and Social Science, Otto Suhr Institute of Political Science, Freie Universität Berlin (Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies); Topic of PhD dissertation: Irredentism after Empire. The Postcolonial State Expansions of Syria, Morocco, and Israel

2008 MA Thesis, Institute of Political Science, Heidelberg University; research stays in Urbana-Champaign and Cairo

2001-2002: Civilian service in Israel with Action Reconciliation/Service for Peace



Postdoctoral Fellowship, Israel Institute

PhD scholarship, German National Academic Foundation

Graduate scholarship, German National Academic Foundation

Wafedin Scholarship, Egyptian Government


Research interests

Comparative perspectives on Jewish nationalism and Israeli statehood

History of science of Israel Studies in Germany

History of science of Israel Studies in the Arab world


List of publications (selection):

Articles (peer-reviewed):

Becke, J. (2014). Towards A De-Occidentalist Perspective On Israel: The Case of The Occupation. "Journal of Israeli History", 33 (1), 1–23.

Chapters in anthologies:

Becke, J. (2016). Land and Redemption: The Zionist Project in Comparative Perspective (forthcoming). "Trumah", 23.

Conference presentations:

The Case Against Allozionism: Israel’s Settlement Project and Other Postcolonial State Expansions, Workshop:Israel-Palestine: Lands and Peoples - Nationalism, Settler-Colonialism and Decolonization”, Brown University, 14-16 April 2016

Dismantling the Villa in the Jungle: Occidentalism and Self-Occidentalization in Israel’s Anti-Zionist Left, Workshop IV of the ReNGOO Research Network Gender in Antisemitism, Orientalism and Occidentalism; June 24th-26th 2015, University of Antwerp

Hebrew in Beirut: Studying Israel in the last Arab frontline state, Middle East Studies Association, 22.-24. November 2014, Washington, DC

Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy – Typological Theory and the Case for a Transnational Perspective on Israeli Expansionism, ‘The Settlements in the West Bank (1967-2014): New Perspectives’; Minerva Humanities Center (Tel Aviv University), 29.-30. Juni 2014

Genocide and Arabism: Paradigms and Blind Spots in German Research on Israel, Association for Israel Studies, 23-25. Juni 2014, Sde Boker

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