Winter term 2017/18:

  • The History and Politics of Israel's Rule over the Occupied Territories (Becke)

Summer term 2017

  • Comparative Perspectives on the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Becke)
  • Introduction to the History of German-Israeli Relations (Hestermann)

Winter term 2016/17:

  • From the West Bank to Western Sahara: Ethnic conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa (Becke)
  • Eretz Israel le-Am Israel: Original documents in Hebrew on the Israeli Right (Becke)

Summer term 2016:

  • State and Languge in Israel and Palestine (Becke/Golinets)
  • Transboundary Water Conflict Resolution: The Israeli-Arab Case (Fishhendler)
  • German-Israeli Relations in the Shadow of the Past (Timm)

Winter term 2015/16:

  • Jews, Druse, Alawites: State and Minority in the Middle East (Becke)
  • “Conquering the Wilderness“ with the Brush and Easel. Visual arts as a source of Israel’s history of culture and mentalities since 1906 (Harten)

Summer term 2015:

  • Between exceptionalism and normalization: Comparative perspectives on Jewish nationalism and Israeli statehood (Becke)
  • A free nation in our own land: Analyzing Hebrew documents from Israel’s political history (Becke)










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