Shabbat for students and teachers

Under the guidance of the Campus Rabbi Shaul Friberg a shabbat for students regularly takes place during the semester, to which students and all others interested are welcomed. After prayer in the Beit Midrash, the Campus Rabbi invites all to a kiddush in the kosher mensa.

Within the study programme B.A. Practical Jewish Studies (B.A. Praktische Jüdische Studien) the Campus Rabbi also offers a “Teaching Shabbat”. This offers students of this degree programme the opportunity to actively contribute to a shabbat celebration. Shared prayer with explanations and comments is followed by a kiddush with food in the Hochschule’s mensa.

Participation is free. However, please register your participation by contacting

All are welcome!

Shaul Friberg
Campus Rabbi


Date/Place                                       Event

Mondays, 10.45                                 Singing Torah
Tuesdays, 10.15                                Hilchot Tzedaka
Tuesdays, 18.00                                Hilchot Kashrut
Wednesdays, 18.00                          Talmud
Thursdays, 9.30                                Tefila and “Ask the Rabbi”

All shiurim are open to students and guests.
Hochschule für Jüdische Studien, Beit Midrash




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