Student Shabbat

All students are welcome to attend the Student Shabbat services scheduled during each semester under the direction of the HfJS Campus Rabbi Shaul Friberg. Following the prayer service in the Beth Midrasch, Rabbi Friberg invites all attendees to a Kiddush service in the kosher cafeteria.

Students of the BA study program in Practical Jewish Studies are also offered a didactic Shabbat, specifically geared toward understanding the procedure and liturgy of the service. Following the prayer service, all convene in the kosher cafeteria for the Kiddush and a meal.

Participation is free. We simply ask that you register prior to each Student Shabbat at

Date/Place:                                            Event:

Monday 10.30
Tuesday 16.00                                      Tefila, Talmud and Halacha
Wednesday 16.00                               
Shiurim remain open to all students and guests
Thursday 8.30
Hochschule für Jüdische Studien
Beth Midrasch

Events in the summer semester 2017:









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