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Material Aspects of Reading in Ancient and Medieval Cultures. Materiality, Presence, and Performance (eds. A. Krauß/J. Leipziger/F. Schücking-Jungblut; Materiale Textkulturen 26; Berlin: De Gruyter, 2020), open access: https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110639247.

With contributions by Christoffer Theis, Lindsey A. Askin, Laura Quick, Mika S. Pajunen, Friederike Schücking-Jungblut, Yehudah B. Cohn, Antony Perrot, Andrea Jördens, Jan Heilmann, Christoph Markschies, Daniel Picus, and Binyamin Goldstein.


Abstract: This publication seeks to endeavour the relationship between material artefacts and reading practices in ancient and medieval cultures.

While the acts of reception of written artefacts in former times are irretrievably lost, some of the involved artefacts are preserved and might comprise hints to the ancient reading practices. In form of case studies, the contributions to this volume examine various forms of written artefacts as to their implications on modes of reading. Analyzing different Qumran scrolls, codices, Tefillin, Mezuzot, magical texts, tablets, bricks, and statues as well as meta-textual and iconographic aspects, the articles inquire the possibilities of how to correlate material aspects to assumed modes of reception and practices of reading. The contributions stem from Egyptology, Papyrology, Qumran Studies, Biblical Studies, Jewish Studies, Ancient Christianity, and Islamic Studies.

In total, this volume contributes to the research on practices of reception in times past and demonstrates the potential hidden in text-bearing artefacts.

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Abc Pessach 2020


Purim 2020 Abc



Colloquium of the chair of Bible and Jewish Exegesis at the Center for Jewish Studies Heidelberg

On February 3rd and 4th, 2020, Hanna Liss and her team organised this year's very intensive and productive colloquium of the chair of Bible and Jewish Exegesis at the Center for Jewish Studies Heidelberg. Many thanks to all the presenters, participants, and guests. We are deeply impressed by the quality of the different research projects, their variety, and the scientific enthusiasm of all our young scholars!

Impressionen vom Kolloquium 2020




Kolloquium Bibel 2019/20[Download]










30.10.2019: Graduation ceremony 2018/19 at the Heidelberg Center for Jewish Studies

Congratulations to our former graduate students Annabelle Fuchs (now PhD student) and Hanna-Barbara Rost (now Digitale Judaica-Sammlungen der Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt) for their graduation in Jewish Studies and their MA theses in Bible, to Jonas Leipziger for the successful defence of his PhD dissertation this year, and to Kay Joe Petzold for the publication of his PhD dissertation.


Graduation ceremony 2019, left picture: Absolvierendenfeier 2019, auf dem Foto links: Jonas Leipziger, Annabelle Fuchs, Kay Joe Petzold, Hanna-Barbara Rost



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